Sunday, March 20, 2016

12 Badass Road Trip Songs!

Every thing is black or white. Either you're the type of person who properly tanks up as soon as you see the fuel indicator bend backwards or you're the type of person who waits till you've driven enough in the red zone.

& then there is a time when in spite of being in the first category, you slip into the second. It just happens. And wonderfully it happened to me when we were well out of town, with no fuel pump in sight, with three little children in the backseat!! 

And since it happened to me the first time, I didn't know that the DTE (Distance to Empty) number suddenly jumps from 55kms to 0.  

Alarm bells in my head, loud & clanging: Whoa... I thought we had 55 km... so was that incorrect? Is it fucking ZERO? Are you kidding me? What are we supposed to do in this country if we run out of fuel on a highway? What do usually kids do on the roadside in the 35 degrees heat??

This story had a happy ending (phew!) and a big learning: running on empty is not the end of the world.

Just remember to:

Globetrotting Mom: Keep Calm & Listen to 10 Badass Road Trip Songs!

Space junk
wang chung

The bad in each other

Metropolis  (night version)
Kris menace- idiosyncransies

something good 
alt-j- an awesome wave

when my train pulls in (live in austin)
gary clark jr- chef (osT) 

Midnight city 
m83- hurry up we're dreaming

lead my home 
jamie n commons (the walking dead soundtrack)

every other frecklE
alt-j - this is all yours

oats in the water
ben howard- the burgh island ep

in the waiting line 
zero 7- record

Armistice- MUTE MATCH 


Until later! Stay in touch!


  1. I am definitely in the former category! Maybe not quite that desperate to fill up, and there was one trip when we got down to 8 miles, but I live just round the corner from a petrol station... #citytripping

    1. It's okay when you're within city limits! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love this list! Pinning it for later!

  3. Great music list. I used to be really bad with the petrol scenario...Squeaking home with less than 10 miles on it. But I have got a lot better now I have children...or it might just be that my husband has... I can't remember the last time I filled up. Bad, ay? Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  4. Oh no! Glad it all turned out ok in the end. Amazing how good music can have some an uplifting effect on our moods. I am either listening to music constantly or playing it so I know a good sound track makes a big difference especially when stuck in the car. Great list. Thanks for joining in with #MyFavouriteTrip Polly :)

    1. I know! I cannot even cook without a good playlist! :)

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